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UK Surety Limited is an independent specialist in the UK Surety market. With over 30 years of specialist Surety experience we are perfectly positioned to assist clients of all sizes to obtain a full range of bonds and guarantees for projects in the UK and around the world.

As specialists in this sector we pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge and ability to understand our client’s varied needs irrespective of which business sector they operate in.

Whether you require a one off bond or are looking to obtain a new bond facility, replace an old facility or are seeking additional facilities we have the specialist knowledge to help you. Regardless of how complex or simple your needs, we are here to assist.

We are an independent specialist in arranging the following for clients of all sizes in all sectors:-
Performance Bond
Retention Bond
Outsourcing Bond
Bid Bond
Maintenance Bond
Sewer Bond
Pension Bond
Landfill Bond
VAT Guarantee
HMRC Guarantee
Warehouse Guarantee
Construction Guarantee Bond
Advance Payment Bond
Off-Site Materials Bond
Tender Bond
Highway Act / Road Bond
Rural Payment Agency Guarantee
Restoration / Reinstatement Bond
Transfrontier Waste Shipment Guarantee
Duty Deferment Guarantee
Environment Agency Bond